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Wireless “On-the-Go” & Wired Technology

Since its inception in 2006, Activatek™ has continually brought innovation and advanced technologies to the Iontophoresis market. Activatek’s combination of wired & wireless Iontophoresis technology offers physicians, patients and physical therapists with unparalleled control of Iontophoresis drug delivery.

Our ActivaPatch® product lineup features three state-of-the-art, self-powered iontophoresis patches. The Intellidose™ 2.5 is a highly intelligent, microprocessor controlled patch, that optimizes drug delivery by actively measuring skin resistance. It is fully self contained, and features our SmartPower™ LED and patented automatic shut-off technology. The IontoGo™ 4.0 and the IontoGo™ 12.0 are extended wear patches with a drug delivery dose of 80mA*min in approximately 4 and 12 hours respectively. All ActivaPatch® products require no saline.

Two controls operate dose and current, with optional push-knob or turn capabilities. High-contrast display indicates dose, time and current. Up to 80 volts. Automatic current ramp-up and ramp-down for maximum comfort. Dose range from 0 to 80 mA-min. Includes visual indicators and audible alerts for resistance limit, dose and current limits, and electrode reject. Time calculations are performed automatically and recalculated if dose and current settings are changed, or with pause/restart.

Unique design conforms extremely well to uneven treatment sites. Delivers ions with a precise pH balance up to 80 mA*min. Maximum strength, precise buffering with unique Carbon-Ag/AgCI technology. Large ground electrode surface area. Highly absorbent drug matrix.