ActivaTek Inc. is an innovative company that develops and markets drug delivery and other medical devices. The company developed its first iontophoretic product for the rehabilitation market in 2006; the Trivarion®, a buffered, active transdermal drug (iontophoresis) technology that delivers drugs comfortably through the skin using a constant DC current. Iontophoresis (as a drug delivery vehicle) has been marketed for over 25 years to treat acute local inflammatory conditions and provide local skin anesthesia.

Since that time, ActivaTek™ has continued to change the shape of iontophoresis with innovation and advanced technologies. In addition to providing the industry with a unique and flexible shape in the Trivarion®, we have developed and successfully launched the ActivaDose® II, the ActivaPatch® (a self-contained, wireless alternative to traditional modalities), and most recently, the Trivarion® Butterfly. ActivaTek™ technology offers the most advanced and flexible products on the market, and allows for precise dosing; thus providing physical therapists and other medical professionals with unparalleled control of delivery.

DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY that deliver patient comfort and successful outcomes.